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The Firm’s Strengths

The Firm’s Strengths
In the last couple of years, Mpoki & Associates has been involved in a wide range of debt collection, debt management and receivership assignments. The assignments ranged in both geographical as well as variety dispersion.

Mpoki & Associates has been able to build and maintain its profile of a ‘consultancy plus’ organization, delivering quality services from the perspective of a clear development agenda and flexibility in swift execution of tasks. In this sense, the firm distinguishes itself from the regular debt collection entities.

The firm’s major strength is in its working methods based on teamwork. The group of highly motivated and well-qualified professionals guarantees products quality at all times.

The firm’s office location is easily accessible and secure; the office is fully equipped with modern computing facilities and has all essential communication tools such as phone, fax and the internet.  These facilities make it possible to provide a strong logistical support and liaison for the implementation of consultancy assignments, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.